Marine Repair

Marine Repair

The water can be unpredictable, accidents happen.  Proper boat repair is vital to the longevity and safety of your boat.  Trail Auto Body & Marine will work to get you and your boat back to your favorite Minnesota lake in no time.  Maximizing your lake time is valuable, but you can’t do that if your boat is not in the water.

Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repairs

If the integrity of your hull is compromised, it can affect the safety and performance of your boat.  Our expert staff sees it all and is prepared to repair any damage to the fiberglass or gelcoat on your hull.  Offering expert color matching with 30+ years of experience, we take pride in high quality, long-lasting repairs.

Hull Refinishing

The look of your boat can be a symbol of pride.  From sun fading to minor scratches,  we can make your boat look new again with fresh paint or gelcoat finishings.  We can do everything from spot painting to paint restorations at our Eagan Minnesota facility.  Let us help so nicks and dings don’t take value and beauty away from your boat.